Saconsulting’s Research September 2011: Comparative Analysis of Information Technologies in Europe

saconsulting has prepared a comparative analysis of the use of the information technologies in Europe with data obtained from the Spanish Statistics National Institute (INE).

This work analyzes the future trends of an IT-based economy. It tries to find the countries where we can expect new business opportunities related to these technologies.

The first index is showing the capability of a country to take advantage of IT. With this indicator we can analyze the knowledge of the people and the availability of computers to get product and services from the internet.

Graph 1 Number of people that have not used a computer last year, in percentage.

In order to provide innovative IT services it is necessary that people have access to a computer. As you can see, there are some differences among European countries; more than 80 percent of the people of bigger economies (Germany, France, UK) have used a computer last three years.

Ireland and Spain have overcome an interesting 70 % in 2010, on the other hand, Italy has not a good indicator yet because a 40 % of the people have not used a computer in 2010.

Another interesting indicator can be the use of IT in order to buy product and services. This indicator will show us the real introduction of IT based business in the economy of a country.

Graph 2 People that have acquired goods and services from the Internet

This graph should be the reverse version of the former one, but we can see some differences. Although there is a large introduction of electronic commerce in Germany and France, for instance, we can see that the development of these businesses in Spain is lower than the expected one. It should be nearer the Irish one than the Portuguese one.

The growth of this indicator is following a linear behavior. We can expect that the electronic commerce maintains an increasing behavior in the future.

The Spanish economy has a large potential of growth from IT because of the low introduction of the electronic commerce and the sufficient access to this kind of technologies.

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