Saconsulting’s Research August 2010: Comparative Analysis of the Regional Productive Models in Spain

saconsulting has prepared a comparative analysis of the Spanish administrative regions with benchmarking tools from ONTONIX[i].

In order to study overall complexity in the Spanish productive system saconsulting has used ONTONIX’s tools with public data obtained from the Spanish Statistics National Institute (INE). With these tools this company has been able to calculate the complexity of the GDP in every administrative region of Spain. This analysis offers large information among the different variables and their interactions.

The complexity of an economic system is related to management barriers. The more complex the more difficult to manage. Governments should take care in reducing the economy complexity instead of developing policies that increase it.


Graph 1 Contribution to the overall complexity (data source: INE)

The former graphic shows us the region that is more contributing to the complexity of the productive model. We can see the three more contributing ones, and the three less contributing ones. This graph shows us that there is not noticeable contribution to the complexity of one of them, and give us information about the economies where to make predictions about its evolution is more difficult.

Another interesting analysis that has been made is the comparison of regional productive models, relating a region to all others and obtaining a compatibility index. The results for Catalonia are shown in the next graph:

Graph 2 Similarity analysis of the productive model of Catalonia with the rest of Spanish regions

This graph gives us information about the similarity between the sectorial structure of the Catalonian GDP and every Spanish region. As we can see the productive model of Catalonia is very similar to the Andalusian one.


Graph 3 Comparison of every Spanish region with the productive model of Madrid

In this case, we can see that there is not an administrative region with a similar productive model to Madrid.

These results can help us to make a reflection about public administration management in different regions. They can help us to think about the specific public investment needs in certain regions with objective data.

The analysis can give us the source of the difference between regions. We can identify the component of the productive model that is contributing strongly to the difference.


Graph 4 Contribution of the components of the productive model to the difference between Andalusia and Catalonia

saconsulting commercializes products and services related to innovation management activities, in the sectors of industry and utilities, finance and services, and public administration, creating value for its clients with the most advanced management tools.

[i] Ontonix is a trademark of Ontonix S.R.L.

Saconsulting and its logo is a trademark of Saconsulting Servicios Avanzados de Consultoría S.L.U.

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