Saconsulting’s Research September 2010: Spanish High Tech Sector Complexity Analysis

Complexity is a property of every dynamic system, process, business or economy. If complexity is high, the system is more difficult to control, and then, the system is more vulnerable. With Ontonix TM tools, we can measure complexity, find the most contributing factors and establish where we have to focus our efforts on, in order to preserve the manageability of the economy.

saconsulting has prepared a brief report about the complexity of the employment in High Tech Spanish Companies with data from the Spanish Statistics Institute (Spanish Government), and OntoSpace TM. The following results have been obtained:

Graph 1 Model of the employment in high tech companies (Data Source INE)

Graph 1 shows the relationships between the control variables at the diagonal. Every external point represents a link between two of them. It is a visual representation of the model of the analyzed sector.

The most related variable of the model is the number of employs in High Tech Service Companies. This result shows us the importance of the people working in High Tech Service Companies because there are links between this variable and the added value of the manufacturing companies.

Graph 2 Contribution to the complexity of every subsector

This other graph shows us the contribution to the complexity of the different subsectors. As we can see high tech manufacturing companies have not a high contribution to the complexity.


Graph 3 Contribution to complexity of every variable

It is easy to understand that, in this crisis, a complexity analysis will show us a trouble with employment in Spain, but this analysis (Graph 3) show us a new aspect. Although High Tech Manufacturing and Services Companies have not a problem with their Added Value, Mid Tech Manufacturing Companies Added Value has a high contribution to the complexity of the sector.

If we want to improve the manageability of the economy of this sector with these variables and to make it less vulnerable, we ought to simplify the employment in the services subsector and the added value in the middle technology manufacturing subsector. For instance, we can make more flexible the job market in the high tech service subsector and we can join salaries with productivity in the mid tech manufacturing subsector, although a deeper analysis in order to consider this actions could be interesting.


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