April 2010: What is innovation?

There are a lot of answers to this question. However, in practice, many managers think that it is a public budget entry for research. The reason is the way that politicians abuse of the word, turning a basic instrument of management into a tool for creating a modern image of the activities of their parties.

Innovation is not a matter of image. If funds are the blood that feed all cell of the economy, innovation is the adrenaline flowing to move the heart faster when we need burn energy in order to reach the finish in a good position.

Innovation is not funding, it is not necessary for living, but is an essential tool to survive. And, then, it is not a synonym of modernity. Innovation exists from the beginning with the meaning of something that is driving the societies to their survival in a hostile environment. The most important innovation of humankind is not the PC, internet or the wheel. Probably it is the silex ax. The reason would be that the use of tools results in the biggest qualitative leap of humankind.

If we have ever asked why Internet was an idea developed by military people in order to avoid the risks of a nuclear war and was not developed in order to download music, the answer is similar to the cause because a soldier produces more quantity of adrenaline in a combat mission.

Innovation professionals must make an effort in order that the society assumes innovation as a fundamental economy driver. Economy advances because of innovation, and there is not an economy without innovation. The Euro is an innovation, long before paper money was it, and very long before the substitution of barter with gold commerce.

There is not an economy without innovation; it exists long before funding needs and banks.

We cannot make the mistake of confusing future management, which is necessary because time follows relentlessly the same direction, with an image of modernity associated to the expenses of public funds.

Innovation needs funds, as glands require blood in order to produce adrenaline. These funds are not removable.

On the other hand, can we inject other (dopant) substances to increase the economy performance?

Of course, we must not to do it, if we want that our economic body last out for many years in a good condition.

For this reason, we should not transform the management of situations, as in sports, that need a higher performance, with training (research and development), into a bodybuilding contest with steroids.

In a financial crisis where we have lost much blood, we need that our heart pumps faster the reserves in order that the oxygen arrives at every cell. If the economic body is healthy and accomplished to difficult situations, it can survive without a transfusion, but the hormones must flow in order that the heart pumps blood faster while the body is producing additional blood.



Mr. Luis Díaz Saco.

Executive President


advanced consultancy services

Nowadays, Executive President of Saconsulting Advanced Consultancy Services. He has been Corporate Head of Innovation at Soluziona Quality and Environment and R&D&I Project Auditor of AENOR, and Head of Innovation at Endesa Engineering and Innovation Adviser of Endesa Red.





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